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Prior to the deadline make sure your complete the following items. If you have not had your application reviewed we highly recommend doing so. If you are interviewing with FedEx or UPS your application will be locked and you will not be able to make updates to it.

  1. Review your application for accuracy. Check all dates and employment.
  2. Make sure you have a minimum time required to address history and check that the dates do not overlap or have gaps.
  3. (Airline Apps) Specifically, Delta candidates make sure you provide every job you have ever worked at even while in high school. (Pilot Credentials) At a minimum list ten years however we recommend listing every flying position held. For military candidates, this means going back to UPT.
  4. (Airline Apps) List all traffic violations even if it’s been expunged
  5. (Airline Apps) List all educational institutions you have attended even if it was only for one class. Make sure you have official transcripts for all institutions.
  6. If able save your application as a PDF and convert the PDF into a word document. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  7. Make sure your flight times are accurate and align with your logbook.
  8. (Airline Apps) If you have a type rating Large Aircraft Type should be “Yes” and Turbo Jet should be “Yes”
  9. Make sure to list if required all checkride failures and any additional information in the addendum.
  10.  If you are in need of an application review use this link to sign up “Here”
  1. Get your digital log books printed at prepared at
  2. Make sure your logbook and application flight hours match
  3. If you have a digital lookbook we recommend preparing your logbook for print and having it ready weeks prior to the interview.
  4. (DAL, UAL, and AA) Check and make sure you have all endorsements in your logbook.
  5. We recommend tabbing all initial checkrides in both your original and digital logbook.
  6. Create Summary Pages, Milestone Pages, and any other pages required for your digital logbook.
  7. RST Provides custom Logbook preparation and printing services for our one-on-one coaching students. If you are interested please let your coaches know within two weeks of the interview minimum.

Our one-on-one coaching program is a highly effective program with a very high pass rate. It consists of three individualized one-hour sessions focused on developing your personal interview style specific to the airline. For UPS and FedEx, it also includes technical and SBI preparation. We have limited slots and have a waiting list available.

  1. If you would like to sign up for one on one coaching click “Here”
  2. Prior to your first session, you must attend one webinar
  3. Review the HR simulator and Ride Reports in the Member’s Area
  4. Be prepared to go over your intro, why XYZ Airline, and Why should we pick you in addition to the questions within the HR simulator.
  5. Schedule all three sessions- “Schedule here”
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