Welcome to the RST Preview membership sign up page. The Preview membership has been created for individuals who are waiting on the interview invite and value the opportunity to prepare in advance. If you already have a scheduled interview please sign up for the Pilot Prep Tech.

We believe in your success. Join RST today and gain immediate access to the most relevant information available online which will help you land the job of your dreams. As an RST member, you will have unlimited access to all of the content, community forums, training, and time-sensitive information that will provide you with the competitive edge you need to succeed. The Airline information currently includes Delta, FedEx, UPS, United, American, SWA, and other airlines.

You are purchasing access for 12 months. In the event that you do not receive an interview within 12 months, you will have the opportunity to continue your membership for $99 a year.

We guarantee your success or we will refund you 100% of your money.

*Please note that refunds will only be provided after your interview if you are not successful. If you chose not to interview or do not obtain an interview after purchasing our training platform and obtaining access a refund will not be provided.


The contents of this website are to be used for the purpose of training for an airline interview only.

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Price :$449


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